Friday, November 19, 2010

Jan de Jong Pt 3.1 - The War Years

The following fabulous photos were taken in Holland circa early 1940s.

Jan de Jong is uke, the person being thrown. I am in the process of attempting to establish the identity of tori, the person doing the throw. It has been suggested in may be Reinier Hulsker (see Jan de Jong Pt 3 - The War Years blog).


  1. It's Reinier Hulsker for sure. He's my grandma's olderst brother. I showed her these pictures and she even remembers the jacket and pants that he's wearing in the photo! I actually googled he's name because i've got a teaspoon of him!

  2. Brilliant! Thank you for confirming that. Any additional information you have on Reinier Hulsker would be most appreciated by this, as it now appears, unofficial biographer of Jan de Jong.


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