Friday, March 18, 2011

I Was Taught By Experts

This is a quicky. I'm a fan of Paul Kelly, and this song is so applicable to my martial arts experience. I've always intended to use the lyrics as a preface or introduction to any book I write. Enjoy.

This is also a heads up. I've so many things to write that I have to restrain myself from doing so on a daily basis. The next blog is on Jan de Jong's mon gradings, what I consider to be the zenith of his school of thought. In order to understand the importance of this insight it is necessary to understand systems thinking.

Also, I've been contacted by one of De Jong's first students in Australia. We are now corresponding. Oh so much interesting historical/evolutionary information, including photos.

And then of course, there is the fact I've been contacted by a biomechanics professor from a university in Canada who has expressed an interest in co-authoring a book with me. This was after I contacted him, based on reading his book on biomechanics, and asking certain questions with regards to injury science and martial arts tactics and techniques. He expressed his interest based on my questions, which he suggested would come from someone who had completed a biomechanics undergraduate degree. That is a huge boost for my confidence given I'm self taught.

Stay tuned followers.

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