Monday, July 4, 2011

Jan de Jong Jujutsu/Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu Jujutsu - An Introduction to the Art Pt 3

Here is part three of the demonstration grading presented by Sensei Greg Palmer in satisfaction of his nidan grading requirement.

Even though the grading is suppose to be 20 minutes explaining the style/art and 10 minutes fast action, it would appear that this demonstation is longer so there will be more than three parts. It has to be noted that this demonstration is take two as the actual grading demonstration was unfortunately not captured on film. Jan de Jong asked Greg to put it on again so that it would be captured on film.

Comments. Within this part you'll see me limping after a particular throwing technique. That was the result of a repetitive injury to my shins from being accelerated into the mats on a regular basis over six months.

There is a technique where Marcus performs a winding throw on me. Unfortuantely it wasn't the winding throw we developed. He would sacrifice his balance mid-air while I was mid-air and insert his arm behind my neck and grab hold of my other arm. I'd land in a crucifix. Tough technique on me, but what a wonderful technique.

The technique where you see my sacrifice my balance and insert my leg behind Marcus' neck was developed by me. I ended up getting it to the stage that I'd roll up into a standing neck and arm lock. De Jong would get me to demonstrate it in the instructors class at least once a year and get the instructors to train it. They never became proficient at executing this technique :).

This demonstration also starts to show the weapon work of the system. The jo techniques that Greg Palmer demonstrates formed part of a third dan grading.

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