Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Understanding All Fighting Methods

This post is an update on Understanding All Fighting Methods - the book I have been working on full-time for the past 4-5 years.

The book is tentatively titled: Understanding All Fighting Methods. If any reader has a better suggestion for a title it'd be gratefully received.

The book is aimed at all activities that prepare a person to survive a violent encounter (Survival Activities). This includes martial arts, combat sports, self defence, security, law enforcement, and the military.

It is a unique contribution to Survival Activities and the general body of knowledge. All of the chapters contain information that has never before been used to understand Survival Activities methods.

It has 16 chapters plus a preface.

Chpt 1 Introduction
Chpt 2 Core of all learning
Chpt 3 Kaizan: Analysing techniques to continually improve
Chpt 4 Push and pull explains all techniques
Chpt 5 Balance and unbalance
Chpt 6 Stances and motion
Chpt 7 Throws and takedowns
Chpt 8 Joint-locking techniques
Chpt 9 Injury science
Chpt 10 Striking and kicking techniques
Chpt 11 Blocking techniques
Chpt 12 Nature's and martial arts breakfalling techniques
Chpt 13 Neck restraints and shime waza
Chpt 14 Pain
Chpt 15 The survival process
Chpt 16 The survival process applied

From an original 180,000+ words, the editing process has reduced the number of words to 77,000+ which equates to about 211 pages.

A graphic designer has commenced work on the illustrations. Permission is being sought for reproduction of figures and tables from other publications.

My editing of the vast majority of the chapters has been completed.

The chapters on neck restraints and shime waza, nature's and martial arts breakfalling techniques, and pain have been reviewed by experts in those fields. When I say experts I mean non-martial arts researchers in those fields.

There is one small piece of information I am still seeking. An anatomical description of a wrist twist. Among the many unique features of this book is an anatomical description of joint-locking techniques applied to the upper limb. No other book provides that information.

If any reader can direct me to any information or person that could assist in explaining a wrist twist, I'd be very grateful.

Each chapter is heavily referenced with authoritative sources. Studies that have hitherto been hidden away in academic journals are used to provide a deeper and more complete understanding of the methods taught by Survival Activities and those used in violence generally.

The final two chapters are unique in all literature in that new theory has been developed that explains all the strategies, tactics and techniques of Survival Activities and those used in violence generally.

Many misconceptions, misunderstandings, myths and errors that are commonly espoused in the martial arts are exposed and clarified. They are clarified with the aid of science, professional research, and hard work.

Soon the tedious task of submitting the manuscript to publishers will commence.


  1. I hope you are able to find a suitable publisher after all your hard work. If it proves tricky will you consider self publishing?

    1. Hi Sue

      Thanks for the support. Yes I will consider self publishing if a suitable publisher is not found. I'm not thinking it'll be a commercial success, however, I know it is a contribution to the general body of knowledge which has the potential to enhance the teaching and learning of the methods of activities associated with preparing a person to survive a violent encounter.


Your comments make my work all the more relevant as I use them to direct my research and theorising. Thank you.